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Ransomware Resources


A CISOs Guide to Ransomware: Prevention, Detection, and Response

In this webinar, CISOs from the CyberRisk Alliance community share their experiences and lessons learned from dealing with ransomware attacks.

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Ransomware: Designing a Strategic Detection and Response Plan

The increased complexity of malicious actors’ techniques demand CISOs stay one step ahead of the threat landscape while still preparing for potential worst-case scenarios.

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Should I pay a ransom? A 5-step decision-making process

It’s the kind of note that grabs you by the shirt and doesn’t let go: “All of your files are stolen and encrypted.” The next thing you read is the extortion demand: pay up, or else.

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7-hour recovery: How an American business beat ransomware

At the CyberRisk Leadership Exchange in Cincinnati on June 7, the chief security officer of an Ohio bottling company used his lunchtime keynote address to recount how his company’s eight-person IT team detected, remediated and recovered from a ransomware attack.

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Tactics of MGM-Caesars attackers were known for several months

The ransomware attacks this week on MGM International and Caesars Entertainment are all over the news, and it’s been widely reported that Caesar’s allegedly paid several millions in ransom and that MGM was in negotiations with the attackers.

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Ransomware in 2024: What CISOs must know

After a bruising year that saw major businesses extorted to the breaking point, CISOs are now bracing for 2024 in what could easily become a record-setting year for ransomware attacks.

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