The U.S. Air Force now boasts the first-ever cyberspaceweapon system to reach Full Operational Capability status, the military branchannounced earlier this week.

The Air Force Intranet Control (AFINC) Weapon System becamefully operational as of Jan. 7, 2016, serving as a formidable first line ofdefense against suspicious traffic flowing through the Air Force InformationNetwork.

The system, operated by the 26th Network Operations Squadronin Montgomery, Ala., was designed to control the flow of all external andinter-base traffic through standard, centrally managed gateways. More than one million Air Force users at 237 sites worldwide can leverage the system fordefensive intelligence gathering, cyberspace surveillance and reconnaissance,interdiction and security.

The new system consolidates what was once over 100regionally managed, disparate network entry points into 16 centrally managed accesspoints for traffic, an Air Force release stated.