Malware installed on the Backcountry Gear website for about three months beginning in late April likely resulted in a compromise of customer information, including payment card data.

How many victims? Undisclosed. Backcountry Gear did not immediately respond to a request for the number. 

What type of personal information? Names, addresses, purchase information, and credit and debit card numbers.

What happened? Malware was installed on the Backcountry Gear server and payment card data was likely stolen.

What was the response? The malware was removed from the Backcountry Gear server and the incident was reported to law enforcement. Measures have been taken to prevent a similar incident from occurring again in the future. All impacted individuals are being notified and encouraged to change their passwords.

Details: The malware was installed sometime around April 27 and was detected, contained and removed from the server by July 23.

Quote: “We are not aware of any connection between this breach and cases of fraud,” Michael Monson, co-founder and owner of Backcountry Gear, wrote in the notification to customers.

Source:, “Payment Card Compromise,” July 28, 2014.