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Survey: Companies in manufacturing/production less likely to pay ransoms

October 28, 2021
  • Just 19% of organizations whose data was encrypted paid attackers to decrypt their files, compared to a global average of 32%. 
  • 36% of respondents were hit with ransomware last year -- in line with the global average of 37%.
  • 68% of those whose data was encrypted restored it using backups, a rate considerably above the global average (57%).
  • 9% of ransomware victims suffered extortion-based attacks.
  • This rate of extortion is higher than the global average of 7% and may also be linked to the high use of backups, which forces adversaries to find other ways to make money from victims.
  • Just 7% experienced a drop in their cyber workload vs. a global average of 13%.
  • This industry also had the fewest respondents who saw improved response time to IT cases (15% vs. a global average of 20%).
  • The silver lining: cyber skills also increased, with 71% of respondents saying their team’s ability to further develop cybersecurity knowledge and skills increased.
  • Ensure they have robust ransomware and malware protection in place
  • Remain vigilant about emerging vulnerabilities on Internet-facing software products they operate on their networks.
  • Shift some products to vendor-hosted software-as-a-service, which can mitigate some of these risks, as vendors typically patch vulnerabilities in their own deployments of software faster than they can be deployed by on-premises customers.
  • Fully deploy malware protection on servers and endpoint devices
  • Monitor products to catch attacks that trigger detections or alerts before an attacker with administrative access can defeat protections.
  • Have effective data backup practices and business continuity plans, regardless of their size, to ensure that they can survive attacks.
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