The Flowers website of Debenhams, the U.K.'s largest department store chain (in outlet numbers), was hit with a breach.

How many victims? Up to 26,000.

What type of information? Payment details plus names and addresses of shoppers was compromised.

What happened? Between February 24 and April 11, attackers reportedly targeted Ecomnova, a third-party ecommerce provider that owns and operates Debenhams Flowers, the retail chain's flower and gifting website.

What was the response? Affected customers have been alerted by the retailer, as was the Information Commissioner's Office. In a statement, the company's new CEO, Sergio Bucher, formerly of Amazon, apologized and said "Debenhams has taken immediate steps to minimise risk to customers affected.” The incursion into the gift site did not affect the retailer's main site,, Bucher added.

Quote: “As soon as we were informed that there had been a cyber-attack, we suspended the Debenhams Flowers website and commenced a full investigation." – Sergio Bucher, CEO, Debenhams.

Source: BBC