Over half (51 percent) of senior decision-makers in large businesses are kept awake at night due to the threat of a data breach caused by a cyber-attack.

Research from Noddle Protect (Callcredit Consumer Markets) and YouGov found that 57 percent of respondents are most concerned with damage to corporate or brand reputation. Other concerns include a loss of customers (17 percent), fine by a regulator (8 percent) or fall in share price (seven percent). The survey studied 281 leaders in large organisations.

A significant 81 percent say that their business is ready to tackle a data breach, when 12 percent say they are not prepared. Over half (53 percent) say their business has put a business continuity plan in place, whereas 43 percent has a crisis management plan.

A worrying 68 percent of respondents are unaware of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which was formally adopted by the EU last week.

“Managing strategic risk and reputation has become a high priority for executives operating in today's digital PLC,” said Jacqueline Dewey, managing director of Callcredit Consumer Markets.