Raley's Family of Fine Stores, a supermarket chain with more than 120 stores in California and Nevada, has been stung by a hack that compromised the credit and debit card information of its customers.

Raley's spokeswoman Nicole Townsend said a "portion" of its computer systems were the target of a “complex, criminal cyber attack,” she said in a Thursday statement posted on Raley's website. No further details about the intrusion were provided.

The company is still investigating the breach, but does not believe customers' PIN numbers were accessed, she said.

Also impacted are customers of Raley's-owned Bel Air, Nob Hill Foods, Food Source grocery stores and Aisle One gas stations. 

A toll-free number was set up to answer questions.

The breach is the latest in a series of recent attacks targeting retailers of this sort. In April, Schnucks, a St. Louis-based grocery chain, revealed that hackers raided its systems to steal 2.4 million credit and debit card numbers.