Ohio's Henry County was hit with a ransomware attack on Oct. 31 with more than 17,000 voting records might have been compromised.

How many victims? `17,841 Henry County voters.

What type of information? Voter registration information including name, address, phone number, ZIP code party affiliation and last four digits of the Social Security number and driver's license number.

What happened? The county computer system was hit with a ransomware attack, but county commissioners said no ransom was paid nor were any votes endangered or lost. Officials also do not believe ay data was lost, but was notifying people just to be safe.

What was the response? Henry County sent a letter to those affected in late November informing them that their data might have been compromised. The FBI, the Ohio Secretary of State, the Ohio Attorney General, and DHS have been informed

Quote: “All votes in Henry County were processed and properly accounted for,” Henry County Commission President Glenn Miller said, in a letter to those affected.

Source: The Toledo Blade