CRN reports that hybrid data firm Cloudera has rolled out Cloudera Data Platform One, its new software-as-a-service data lakehouse designed to ease customers migration to the cloud by fully automating the entire process. Cloudera says CDP One includes built-in enterprise security and machine learning, removing the need for teams to handle cloud, security or monitoring operations, and also features cloud compute, cloud storage and streamlined analytics allowing quick and easy self-service data analytics without the need for cloud expertise. In CDP One we are learning the customer is still in charge in terms of the decisions that they make about how they want to spend their money, how they want to secure the platform, what data they want to bring in, said Cloudera Chief Technology Officer Ram Venkatesh, but they're staying at the level of specification rather than implementation. Security is one of these building block foundational things, you don't want to get very creative in terms of how you set up an environment.