Researchers at Malwarebytes have found another malware campaign targeting users on gaming and social networking platform Steam. As in earlier attacks, saboteurs spread the malware, called Trojan.Inject, through Steam's chat feature.

Users are lured to download the malware via chat messages that include a link: myteamvoxing[DOT]com/en/home/index. It's no coincidence, however, that the URL is similar to that of a legitimate domain, My Team Voice, that lets gamers install a voice chat tool, Malwarebytes intelligence analyst Jovi Umawing said in a blog post.

The My Team Voice app, she said, lets team members in multiplayer games communicate if a game or platform doesn't support voice chat by default.

Victims installing the spurious “team voxing” download may be vulnerable to having their Steam account hijacked, as one user reported. In December, attackers distributed malicious screensavers, or .SCR files, through Steam's chat feature.