According to CRN, SailPoint, an identity security vendor in Austin, Texas, will purchase New York-based SaaS application management startup Intello for an undisclosed amount. The proposed acquisition is expected to help customers in securing, managing and finding SaaS applications that are not covered by the firm, as well as to provide ungoverned SaaS applications with the right identity security controls. “With the rapid adoption and use of cloud technologies in the past year, we want to make it incredibly easy for customers to get their arms around the risk of SaaS app sprawl. Discovery combined with visibility are the name of the game here, and we’ll be able to deliver that to our customers with Intello,” according to a statement released by Grady Summers, SailPoint’s executive vice president of product. He further added that this deal “will allow SailPoint to fully secure and support this future world of work – enabling secure SaaS adoption at scale with identity security.”