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The pros and cons of SOAR explained

May 20, 2021
FBI Director Christopher Wray speaks to a group in Washington, D.C. Today’s columnist, Perry Carpenter of KnowBe4, writes that with the FBI reporting an increase of 300,000 in internet crime complaints in 2020, SOAR tools can strike a nice balance between automation and human analysis. FBI CreativeCommons CC PDM 1.0
  • Security Orchestration aims to bring together threat and vulnerability management technologies with a clear set of parameters and processes.
  • Automation can reduce the burden of repetitive tasks by triggering specific workflows based on a company’s chosen parameters, potentially even fully automating responses to lower-risk incidents.
  • Response accelerates the organization’s mitigation efforts with an easy, central, holistic view for analysts to investigate, discuss, and share threat intelligence and then plan and monitor threat responses.
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