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SC Media’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

SC Media has embarked on a year-long celebration of our 30th year as part of the cybersecurity industry The anniversary will be marked with features, podcasts, videos and more that all look back at the previous three decades, calling out the milestones, companies, industry leaders and happenings that have brought us to 2019.  From the AIDS trojan in 1989 to the Melissa virus of 1999 to Facebook’s recent inability to keep its users’ information private, SC has explored it all — whether through our website, magazine, online and live events, awards programs and so much more.
So stay tuned to SC Media’s website as we roll out this special coverage.

SC Media took a few minutes during its annual SC Awards dinner in San Francisco this year to show the assembled cybersecurity luminaries exactly how SC has been part of the industry for the last 30 years.

SC Media’s 30th anniversary Q&A: Nathan Wenzler

Nathan Wenzler, Senior Director of Cybersecurity at Moss Adams, a Seattle, Wash. based accounting, consulting and wealth management firm: SC: How long have you been in security? Nathan Wenzler: 22 years How has your discipline changed over the years? I think my own discipline has changed as the Information Security discipline changed over the years. Initially,…

SC Media’s 30th anniversary award winners

As part of SC Media’s year-long celebration of our 30th anniversary, we wanted to honor cybersecurity leaders who have shaped the industry these last three decades, as well as call out contributions made by others who may just be beginning their journey and likely will have influence over the next 30 years. Of course, we…

30 years in: My, how SC and security have changed

1989. Acid wash jeans, Bon Jovi and the compassionate conservatism of the Reagan Era were actually, unironically popular. The Berlin Wall fell, free elections were held in the then Soviet Congress of Deputies, Vaclev Havel became president of Czechoslavakia, and pro-democracy rallies held sway in China. And, SC Media was born. It was a time…