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Technology Research Reports

An extension to our Product Section’s Emerging Product categories, these quarterly reports harness the expertise of our editorial and SC Labs team, along with industry journalists, researchers and other experts we commission, to highlight emerging technology segments, the challenges they present to cybersecurity leaders and the solutions or services that exemplify ways forward. Going beyond the actual testing of tools, these reports highlight areas of technological evolution to which readers must pay attention. Through our own industry experience and research, we identify companies and solutions that stand out among the crowd. Additionally, we provide guidance on some of the processes, tactics and long-term strategies they may wish to entertain to further strengthen their risk management and cyber resiliency postures. These reports also posit how growing areas of tech might impact organizations going forward and key areas they should focus on now and in the future.

Artificial Intelligence: A Relative Reality

Plenty of organizations claim to offer AI in their cybersecurity products, but is AI actually improving the product’s capabilities? AI is touted as the technology that will stop malware attacks, protect your network from advanced persistent threats, enhance your threat intelligence and make all of your security technology smarter, faster and more effective. This SC Solutions Tech Report looks at the myths and realities of AI, along as what some of the industry’s key players are doing today to incorporate this enabling technology to change the way things work. 

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A cybersecurity guide for small and medium businesses – Security on a Budget

We provide background on specific challenges faced by this segment of organizations, the cybersecurity challenges they face, how the threat landscape is impacting them now and in future, and insight on key areas of concern and how to leverage various technologies. Product categories included: Next-Gen Firewalls, Endpoint Solutions, and Log Management.

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New index shows proactive cybersecurity measures outpaced reactive in Q2

The inaugural Cybersecurity Resource Allocation & Efficacy Index report from CyberRisk Alliance Business Intelligence offers CISOs with insights into how companies with 500 or more employees in North America and Europe managed allocations and spending on cybersecurity activities and their perceptions about the efficacy of these measures. This index survey will be repeated quarterly in the future.

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Powering through the pandemic organizations under stress remain vigilant in dealing with cyberrisks

The latest survey, conducted in October 2020, reveals that more than half of all respondents (52 percent) continue to deal with phishing attacks and were often targets of endpoint malware; web/cloud attacks; unauthorized resource, application, or data access; and exfiltration of sensitive data. However, despite respondent accounts of increased downtime, reduced productivity, and revenue losses, their confidence about defending against cybersecurity attacks and threats remains strong.

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