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Gaining Control Over Cloud IAM Chaos

When it comes to cloud IAM, security and operations teams are flying almost blind. This visibility drops to zero as cloud deployments grow and cloud IAM complexity increases with scale. This resulting tangled puzzle of IAM policies and rules means organizations lose any ability to assign and manage cloud least privileged access (LPA), let alone understand the permissiveness of their cloud access. Even more important, when organizations are not entirely in control of cloud IAM governance, they are incredibly vulnerable. If they experience a security incident, the lack of cloud IAM visibility makes determining the potential blast radius a tough, if not impossible, task.

Download this whitepaper to learn how to increase cloud identity visibility and reduce risk and how security teams need to find a way to distill clarity from cloud IAM complexity.

2020 State of Enterprise Cloud Adoption and Security

We surveyed nearly 2,000 IT professionals throughout the 2019 calendar year to better understand how enterprises are adopting public cloud, multi-cloud, containers, and other services, as well as the challenges they experience in maintaining security and compliance. The DivvyCloud 2020 State of Enterprise Cloud Adoption and Security Report synthesizes the survey results and offers a unique look at the current state of cloud adoption and security while highlighting valuable insights to leaders and practitioners in all stages of cloud adoption.

IaC Security White Paper

Security has changed as enterprises continue to adopt and embrace cloud and it's no longer acceptable for security teams to be purely reactive. DivvyCloud understands this challenge and believes that incorporating preventive security can substantively strengthen an organization's security posture. This white paper investigates the challenges facing security and how a strategic shift in the approach to security can improve efficiency, create organizational harmony, and strengthen overall security.

2020 Cloud Misconfigurations Report

Cloud misconfiguration-induced data breaches cost companies nearly $5 trillion in just two years. DivvyCloud conducted in-depth research on data breaches attributed to cloud misconfigurations, identified factors contributing to the likelihood of such data breaches, and quantified the overall impact on the affected companies. This report offers a candid look at what went wrong and how to avoid making similar mistakes that create cloud security vulnerabilities.

Keeping Your Cloud Out of the News

In comparison to the traditional datacenter, more people are able to access, change, and deploy critical resources and services in the cloud. While this can be powerful, it also increases the likelihood of something going awry. We've seen cloud security issues in the headlines with alarming regularity. Read about how DivvyCloud empowers enterprises to securely adopt and embrace public cloud and container technology, giving them freedom to innovate without exposing the business to risk.

Security’s new frontier: The Cloud

The cloud — at one point it was a revolution in the workplace. But the cloud is no longer a trend or a movement. It's now so integrated into IT and infrastructures that, for many companies, it's simply another part of the business. The availability of mobile devices and cloud services has redefined not only the way we work, but where we work.

Critical infrastructures, applications, and massive amounts of sensitive data are now stored in the cloud, leaving companies at risk of damage if cloud accounts are compromised. With the cloud fast becoming the new normal, network security solutions need to adapt.

Download this ebook to learn how Cisco Cloud Security helps you securely adopt and use the cloud, and better manage security for the way the world works today.