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Building the Business Case for Automated Mobile App Security & Privacy Testing
Mobile applications are fueling the digital transformation of businesses but present significant security and privacy vulnerabilities that traditional security testing tools and techniques are ill-equipped to find, never mind remediate. With mobile app revisions coming out daily, you need a new testing toolset purpose-built for mobile apps and optimized for Agile and DevOps.
A Manager’s Guide to the OWASP Mobile Security Project
The world around us has gone mobile. U.S. adults will spend an average of 3 hours and 34 minutes per day on mobile devices this year, surpassing time spent watching TV. Over 80% of that time will be spent in mobile apps versus a mobile browser.
Mobile app security program management handbook
Get the inside scoop from a decade's worth of in-the-trenches mobile app security program management expertise. Our world-class customer success team spells out in detail three crucial areas - people, process, and technology. Apply the guide and pave the way for your organization's mobile app security program for years to come.
Phased approach to securing DevOps for mobile apps
The rise of agile and mobile has fueled digital transformation across every industry, which has given rise to internal efficiency-focused initiatives like DevOps. With the prominence of mobile-first strategies within digital businesses, the speed and complexity of mobile create challenges for organizations looking to secure the data handled by mobile apps. If you are on the journey to secure DevOps for your mobile apps, this ebook is for you.
The state of secure mobile and web app development
As DevSecOps transformation takes hold, NowSecure teamed up with to take the pulse of the movement by polling IT practitioners about their DevSecOps and application security testing practices. Nearly 90% of organizations face at least the same or greater difficulty securing mobile apps compared to web apps. Download the report now to gain more insight!
Never trust, always verify
Software-defined perimeter defenses might well be the first line of defense for companies in the future. Certainly, it is one approach to implementing a zero-trust environment -- a best practice recommended by security pros. This Expert Focus will look at how you can implement this technology effectively without negatively impacting your company's productivity.


The ever-expanding threat landscape on the edge
This eBook looks at what it currently means to manage a network and at some of the most pressing issues network administrators face on the front line, as well as what the CISO must consider to oversee network security. Oh, and while we're at it, we also look endpoints in the cloud, in the fog, and on partners' networks.