Operationalizing Threat Intelligence Data: The Problems of Relevance and Scale

Knowing which of these should matter to your organization at any given moment is now a huge challenge and makes finding value in threat intelligence data increasingly difficult.


Whitepapers are partner-offered informational research documents that provide technical and operational data, case studies, and timely views and explanations to help keep your organization safe.

2016 Neustar DDOS Attack & Protection Report

The results are staggering. The implications are severe. DDoS attacks ravaged organizations across the globe, serving as a legitimized weapon of destruction and extortion instrument.

S.I.R.M.: Security Incident Response Matrix

This white paper discusses a new threat intelligence model, the Security Incident Response Matrix (SIRM), that can be a guide for the creation of organizational threat intelligence.

Digital Guardian for Healthcare Solutions Sheet

This Solutions Sheet explains how DLP can provide a simple compliance framwork to prevent the loss of PHI for healthcare systems.

Securing Windows XP with Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection

Palo Alto Networks Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection enables you to manage your XP upgrade policy at your own pace while maintaining acceptable levels of security and compliance.


Whitepapers are partner-offered informational research documents that provide technical and operational data, case studies, and timely views and explanations to help keep your organization safe.

Stop DDoS Attacks with Advanced, Effective Protection

Protect Your Web Presence. Get the protection you need from increasingly large and complex DDoS attacks. Download now.

Top 5 Reasons to Automate Identity Lifecycle

This paper details the top 5 reasons to automate identity lifecycle and identity administration and build a solid foundation for future cloud-first, mobile-first IT.

Get the Incident Responder’s Field Guide: Lessons from a Fortune 100 Leader

The Digital Guardian Incident Responder's Field Guide provides a formal, coordinated approach for responding to security attacks that affect information assets.

EBooks, editorially produced by SC

SC eBooks are independent, editorially driven products, sometimes underwritten by sponsors, that offer in-depth analysis of critical areas of interest to our readers. These comprehensive reports provide insights from industry experts specializing in the various aspects of data security, and hands-on analysis by CISOs of companies addressing these challenges on a daily basis.

SC Magazine Ebook On Threat Intelligence

This ebook looks at how you can focus your threat intelligence feeds and tune your network hardware to provide the data you need.

SC Magazine Cyber Insurance eBook

Cyber insurance is a volatile industry with lots of confusion about what’s covered and what’s not. A recent Appeals Court case for the 4th District ruled that general business insurance addresses cyber breaches, while some...

SC Magazine EBook On Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is far more comprehensive than many companies implement and hardly plug-and-play. Rather, it’s a daily exercise in defense, detection, response and mitigating risk.

MarketFocus, editorially produced by SC

Market Focus reports are detailed, single-topic analyses of data security issues facing corporations’ C-suite. These are sponsored market research reports conducted on behalf of Haymarket Custom Studio with input provided by sponsor. Market Focus reports are research-based and data-driven using research questions prepared by the sponsor. Research is professionally conducted and results are reported in accordance with the industry’s ethical standards and policies.

Co-Sourcing SIEM MarketFocus

Implementing a SIEM environment is hard enough for companies with deep IT pockets and a large data security staff, but what if you’re a small to medium sized enterprise, with limited financial and personnel resources, and plans..

Market Focus: Employing Cyber Threat Intelligence

This market guide is the product of surveys and interviews with over 300 IT professionals and provides insight in purchase and use activities for both small and medium sized businesses and large enterprises.

Market Focus - Employing Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence is fast becoming a cornerstone in enterprise security but are you using your various intelligence feeds most effectively? Read this Market Focus to learn more.

Security Brief, editorially produced by SC

Security Brief : Analytics for the Midrange Enterprise

Understanding security analytics can be a daunting job. In fact, it is not yet even a “market,” but rather still just a ”concept” that has yet to define best practices.